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Don't Think You Can Bake? Tips to Succeed

My mother was great in the kitchen, but I didn't inherit her natural knack for whipping up baked goods. She never followed recipes, because she knew how to create treats without them! As an adult, I found baking fun, but when none of my treats turned out edible, I officially decided to quit baking. One day, I was watching a friend bake a batch of cookies, and she shared some great tips for baking success. She told me that following recipes precisely was key to success and that most bakers do use recipes! She also told me that every oven differs and some get hotter in certain spots, even when set on the same temperature, so check on items often before the time is up. I created this blog to share the baking tips I have learned and to help others who think they "can't bake" realize that they can!

Don't Think You Can Bake? Tips to Succeed

Use A Kaiser Bun As A Bread Bowl

by Sarah Torres

When you buy a package of kaiser buns, your first instinct might be to use them for your favorite type of sandwich. Kaiser rolls can be a good choice for all sorts of sandwiches, but there are other ways that you can use this bread product. One option is to create a bread bowl out of your kaiser bun. The shape of this bun and its durable exterior work well in this application. To create a bread bowl, you simply cut the top off the bun and hollow out some of the interior of the bun to create a bowl shape. Here are some ways that you can use a kaiser bun as a bread bowl.

Soups And Stews

Soups and stews are hearty choices during the fall and winter. While you might customarily serve them to your guests in bowls or cups, bread bowls can be a fun alternative. The size of a kaiser bun creates a bowl that is perfect for appetizer-sized servings. You can put all sorts of soups and stews in your kaiser bun bread bowl, provided that they're thick. For example, clam chowder works well in this manner, as long as it isn't watery. Your kaiser buns will hold up well against thick soups and stews but can soften quickly when something is too watery.


If you're preparing a dip to serve with vegetable sticks, an attractive way to serve the dip is inside of a kaiser bun bread bowl. You can fill your bread bowl with a choice of dip—ideally, one that is thick—and place the bowl in the center of a serving plate with a selection of veggie sticks around it. In addition to offering a creative serving method, the kaiser bowl has additional advantages. Using it instead of a conventional bowl means that you'll have one less dish to wash, and your guests can enjoy breaking up the kaiser bowl when it's empty and eating it.

Breakfast Bowls

You can also use a kaiser bowl as a breakfast item. Upon cutting the top of the bun and hollowing it out, one option is to place breakfast fare such as eggs, cheese, and ham or bacon into the bowl, and then bake the entire thing until the egg is fully cooked. The result is a unique type of breakfast fare that you'll be excited to serve your guests for brunch. Look for fresh kaiser buns at a local bakery.